Bank Foreclosures Direct Announces: Your Area’s Strong Real Estate Shift

Bank Foreclosures Direct, an educational company and investors’ resource, one stop shop is teaming up with CMREI. Bank Foreclosures Direct’s primary focus is teaching you their proven system to buy residential property at wholesale prices in any market— in any city across the Nation.

As you know my current business focus is on commercial assets and the 3M+ residential properties in Presidio Heights, CA. Many of you have been asking for support and training on a more localized aspect of REOs, wholesale deals, short sales, and FSBO in YOUR LOCAL AREAS. I reached out to my most respected peers and now I am introducing you to Rick Brown, President & CEO of Bank Foreclosures Direct.

Last week we had a FULL HOUSE so we are presenting this opportunity one more time.

THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE to participate!
Tonight Bank Foreclosures Direct will present HUGE discoveries in the Real Estate Market that will be very exciting to my student-investors who want to take advantage of the new inventory of wholesale deals in your backyard. In fact, the information Rick will share with you on this residential bonanza has the potential to be bigger than anything we’ve ever seen in a very long time.

Imagine being able to generate more profit per deal from what you are now considering non-deals. These are the same deals that are passed over all day, every day from investors in every city!

This new strategy is a way for you to make $20,000-$30,000 profits from deals that nobody else wants…


Because every other investor out there has been trained to go and find high equity wholesale deals, so they don’t even see these HIDDEN DEALS. And the banks are getting ready to release even MORE of these deals. Bank Foreclosures Direct has the information, and most important the APPS and online resources to put these deals at your fingertips.

You will NO LONGER need to fiercely compete with every other wholesaler in your town, fighting for the same deal and driving process up and up.

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