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Florida Double Dip? Foreclosures, Zombie Foreclosures, Fraud-closures

Florida Double Dip Anticipates Oppenheim Law

Real estate prices will start to decline starting the 3rd quarter 2011 and into 2012 predicts Legal Blogger and Florida Attorney Roy Oppenheim.
The ‘F’ word is back with a vengeance as Florida foreclosure activity increased this month adding to the impact of a Florida real estate for double dip as sales decline .

The double dip makes its way to Florida in a new shape and size. Without miracle jobs numbers, the expiration of emergency benefits is leading to a double dip in the Florida housing market. Meager gains of the market will be washed out by the next tidal wave of foreclosures and only a surge in new Florida construction can save us, predicts Oppenheim Law.

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