Foreclosure Account Manager Webinar 2-14

Thank you for your interest in the Foreclosure Account Manager position. We have over 100 resumes submitted for this position, and we like to review each resume carefully to make sure there is a mutual match.

We are impressed with your career history and feel you could be a great partner with Mortgage Rescue Realty, LLC. We would like to invite you in for a personal interview with our Real Estate Broker, Amin K. Rad.

Saving you time is the first step to making you income producing. Before scheduling an in person interview please attend one of two live Webinars. You can log on and we can answer all your questions about the job, position, responsibilities, and most importantly the pay structure.

Foreclosure Prevention, Mortgage Finance, and Compound Interest are very complex, but we make it simple and income producing for you. The secret to our success is our seasoned processing and underwriting team. Their job all day is to call the bank, negotiate, and process the files. With over 10 years of experience and business contacts, Mortgage Rescue Realty has a competitive edge and monopoly in the Loss Mitigation Market.

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