Health Debt Causing Health Deficits

How are you planning on paying off your health debt?

What? Health Debt?

You know, that bargain you make with yourself when you’re trying to make changes but agree to start:

� first thing on Monday

� right after this cupcake �

� right after the holidays

� when I have the money and time

OR when you decide how you are going to undo something you are about to do before doing it…like:

�‍♀️I will go walking tomorrow…briskly…for an hour

�️‍♀️ I will do an extra hard workout…tomorrow

� I will start my water fast…tomorrow

The fact that you are at least trying is great, but most people (including myself) never get around to paying back that debt after we take it on….we don’t hold up our end of the bargain.
We are in danger of health foreclosure.

“I will get in shape starting January 1st” you promise yourself in December.

But that leads to you ending the year heavier and starting the year just as heavy or worse….sick.

Years of this cycle, and your health deficits have now created a massive health debt (a deficit is the total accumulation of past debts, just to be clear �)

Future self has had enough!
Look, I know we love that instant gratification.

The reasons we have for charging those expensive goodies to our credit cards are the same reasons we charge that “dozen donuts alone in our car” to our body and to future self.

And we try soooo hard to stop the cycle, but each redo on Monday causes a rebound that plunges us deeper in debt.

UGHHHH! ����

Stop.. The.. Madness

Let’s try something different. Let’s try something that does NOT involve a Monday morning redo, the all or nothing or the empty promise to repent

Let’s try understanding why we have to make bargains with ourselves to begin with!

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