Home defenders save homes from foreclosure

ACORN launched its nationwide “Home Defender” campaign on February 19 with a series of actions across the country. In New York the campaign was kicked off with a rally at the house of Myrna Millington of Laurelton, Queens. Millington, a 74-year-old retiree and widow, currently faces eviction from her home of 38 years after falling victim to predatory lending. The property went into foreclosure in September 2008, but ACORN has thus far been able to stay the auction.
ACORN is calling on state governments to implement a one-year moratorium on all home foreclosures until a more comprehensive plan is put together to address the crisis. In the meantime they are mobilizing ACORN members, neighbors and concerned citizens to train in civil disobedience and be ready to prevent a forcible eviction.

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