How does the Foreclosure Crisis can affect you?

This video takes a look at the 2007 collapse of the banking and real estate industries and the foreclosure crisis which it caused. We begin by defining what housing or real estate bubbles actually are, the factors behind their formation and what causes them to burst.

We then proceed to reveal the main reasons behind the burst of the 2007 housing bubble which led to the greatest recession the United States has experienced since the Great Depression. The first falter is identified which, in turn, caused a series of negative domino-like effects to ripple throughout the economy.

We then provide information on the US government’s response to the financial crisis, particularly towards the crippled housing market and the millions of homeowners affected by the mortgage crisis. We also provide tips and information on where homeowners facing foreclosure, or going through the foreclosure process, can receive foreclosure help.

Investment opportunities will then be addressed explaining why foreclosures are an excellent choice for investors during the financial crisis due to foreclosed properties being offered at 50% or less of their actual values. Finally, we suggest the best sources whereby investors can obtain great foreclosure deals.

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