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PRIMETIME: Fighting Back Against Foreclosure

This timely film takes the viewer behind the foreclosure statistics and into the homes and hearts of two NYC women who have been pummeled by the foreclosure tsunami. It breaks down the complex issues of the sub-prime mortgage industry into easy to understand language and reveals the systematic culpability of the financial institutions.

PRIMETIME weaves individual stories into a collective narrative, bringing to light the disproportionate impact of the foreclosure crisis on communities of color. As the US government continues to bail out the financial industry, PRIMETIME is an urgent reminder of the on-the-ground struggles of people fighting to keep their homes.

“Recommended. PRIMETIME: FIGHTING BACK AGAINST FORECLOSURE follows the stories of two women from New York as they struggle to keep their homes. Karen Smith, an African American, and Martha Espinoza, a Latina, were both victems of predatory lending practives…Women are 41% more likely to get sold a sub-pime deal, and since the loans target minorities, the current foreclose debacle has had a disastrous effect on the economic well being of minotiry communities. It is estimated that people of color have lost somewhere in the range of $164 to $213 billion. This film does an excellent job of explaining the sub-prime market, and how lack of regulation allowed this market to flourish. PRIMETIME: FIGHTING BACK AGAINST FORECLOSURE includes useful information about resources available to those caught up in the foreclosure process and would be a very valuable addition to public library collections, expecially those located in areas of high foreclosure rates.”
– Patricia B. McGee, Tennesee Technology U, Educational Media Reviews Online

Documentary Fortnight, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2009
Work-in-Progress Screening, Docuclub, New York, 2008

Jennifer Fasulo & Manauvaskar Kublall
Producer: TWN Production Workshop
23 minutes

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