Red Hot Real Estate In Michigan?? US Real Estate Consultants Confirms It!

From Foreclosure Haven to “Red Hot” Home Buyer Boom In Metro Detroit. Bargain real estate shopping in Michigan has ramped up despite what has happened in the credit market and the local job market. Buyers are taking advantage of prices that are CHEAPER THAN RENT and thousands less than just a few years ago.

Local and national government home buying incentives have made it attractive for buyers to shop now. For instance, Oakland County, Michigan, the 3rd richest county in the country for many years has launched an unbelievable financing program…even for high end homes.

US Real Estate Consultants, a licensed real estate brokerage based in Michigan has made it easy for shoppers that want a nice “move-in” ready home…but still at a HUGE discount.

Not only have we made it easy for buyers, we have made it easy for real estate agents and loan officers that want quality homes for their clients, but without the hassle of trying to buy a bank foreclosure. US Real Estate Consultants has cornered the market when it comes to quality homes at bargain prices.

Whether you are a real estate agent, home buyer, or investor, US Real Estate Consultants has what you’ve been searching for.

Visit for more details on how to SAVE BIG and Take Advantage of This RED HOT Market.

Contacting us is a must for realtors, loan, officers, and investors looking grow their business in this market. Contact us today for more details.

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