Roy Oppenheim: The State of the Florida Real Estate Market Summer 2011

Florida Foreclosure defense attorney and legal blogger, Roy Oppenheim, talks about the state of the Florida real estate market.

Roy Oppenheim covers the reasons for the current state of the Florida real estate market and believes that prices will drop another 15 – 20% and Florida will not see upturns until 2013 or 2014.

Roy Oppenheim lists the following factors that are working against the Florida real estate market:

1. The Florida foreclosure crisis is not over. Banks had to stop foreclosing because they had to regroup, reorganize, retool, and many times re-file their foreclosures. Many of the Florida courts are understaffed and under-funded. Once the new wave of Florida foreclosures hits, it will put a drag on Florida real estate, continuing to depress prices in Florida communities.

2. Unless Floridians are getting employed and are making the same amount of money as before the Florida real estate crash, they will not be able to afford the kind of housing that previously existed.

3. The government debt crisis causes Floridians to pay more to borrow money.

Roy Oppenheim does not see a quick recovery and suggests the following options:
– Find a Florida short sale
– Renting
– Buying Florida real estate and renting it out

A refinance solution would help the Florida real estate market and save people money, which in turn could boost the economy from these savings.

In a series of short clips Roy Oppenheim will be covering important topics concerning Florida foreclosure defense and what you can do to better manage today’s state of the real estate market.

Roy Oppenheim will be covering a variety of topics including the following:
– Florida Short Sales
– Florida Strategic Default
– The State of Florida’s Real Estate Market
– Florida Foreclosure Defense
– Florida Deficiency Judgments
– Florida Second Mortgages

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