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Real Estate agent in the San Fernando Valley for just over 20 years. I’ve seen the market go up and come back down, I have worked as a sales person, loan officer, listing agent, helped with short sales as a buyer’s agent and listing agent, in this market and the last down market. It is a never ending cycle.
I have lived in the San Fernando Valley since 1986, most of that time my primary residence was in Tarzana; my sons attended Portola and Taft High School. So not only as an agent but as a resident I am very familiar with Tarzana.
In 2003 I was originating mortgage loans at my Tarzana Mortgage Broker(s) office, I was also serving the consumers needs as a Tarzana Realtor. The difference between a sales person and a Realtor is that a sales person must put their license with a Responsible Broker. A Realtor is a Responsible Broker and can work independently.
As a Broker I have had clients that were in foreclosure, looking to stop foreclosure in Tarzana, Ca and also other parts of the Los Angeles. To stop foreclosure in Tarzana or any other area takes a lot of different criteria that needs to fall into place. It is very difficult and any one that tells you they can stop foreclosure no matter the situation; beware, they either are inexperienced or just telling you what you want to hear for their own nefarious reasons. There are numerous Mortgage Broker(s) in Tarzana as well as other parts of the Valley as well as plenty of Realtor(s) in Tarzana.
If you are looking for a home for sale in Tarzana, Ca you should look for an agent that is very familiar with the area you are interested and that knows the history of the area in the prices of houses for sale in Tarzana. House for sale (Tarzana) vary depending on whether they are South of the Blvd. or North. Homes in Tarzana Ca are more expensive as opposed to say homes in Reseda. Homes in Tarzana are very desirable; a lot of people specifically went that particular school district which is a good resale point to consider. When buying a home selling it isn’t usually on your mind, but the shrew buyer must always consider it as no one normally buys a house for the rest of their life.
In this down market many people have found themselves owing more on their home than it is worth in today’s market and have found it necessary to try to find other alternatives to try and save their home. One being a Loan Modification (Tarzana) or any area for that matter, Home Owners has turned to real estate agents in Tarzana, listing agents in Tarzana, as well as many of the offices that sprung up claiming to be experts in Loan Modifications. A Tarzan real Estate Agent can help you with a Loan Modification if they have the experience. A Tarzana real estate agent can pretty much help you in whatever area you need in Real Estate, you need to make sure that like a marriage they are the right person for you.
In Tarzana there are a few agents to choose from for Listing agents in Tarzana, but today is a different market in as much as the media method available to expose your property, sure an agent in Tarzana may well have internet access to sell your property, along with all of your competition, with us your property will be exclusively marketed ahead of your competition.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by checking us out at Tarzanamortgagebrokers@gmail.com or you can call for more information and a free consolation with no obligation at 818-518-5195.
I look forward to speaking with you.
Sharon Behdjou.
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